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Gérard  Gaston Muguet

After years of training in Graphic and Traditional Visual Arts, Gerard who Lives in Dordogne France now, has dedicated his lifetime to drawing and painting for more than 50 years. His paintings rich of intense colours and abstract formes reflect the world deep inside us and often relate to archetypal view…

Taimi Borg

Taimi from Sweden creates nature painting that comes from within and not only depicts, but is rather an interpretation of the change of nature. For her, the light plays a big role in connection with water in the air and on the land.

Uwe Tabatt

Uwe Tabatt is a Berliner and his works are located between the formats of painting and sculpture. Berlin is always one of his main sources of inspiration. Equally burdensome topics such as social inequality, environmental pollution, loneliness, etc..


Helena Adolfsson

Comes from Uppsala and lives for over 25 years in Kvikkjokk in northern Sweden one of the most remote villages in Europe. The untouched nature above the artic circle in the change of the extreme seasons and the constantly changing light inspires her again and again.


Kristof Mascher

Kristof is a native Swede living in France / Dordogne. After more than 25 years of experience as a leather bag artisan, he has discovered an original new sustainable material for himself: naturally tanned fish skin, otherwise a waste product of the fishing industry.


Chris Leandro

Chris comes from England and lives in the Dordogne / France since the early 80 ziger years. He is a metal sculptor of a very special kind. He has created more than 6 full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex and several other imaginative sculptures and objects. He often creates artistic metal decorations and furnishings for the many castles in the Dordogne.


Frederik Schulz

lives and works in Berlin for over 15 years. Focus of his work is the creation of large-format 360 ° panoramas, which are artistically processed and then stretched as a digital fabric print on stretcher frames. Through the amplification, promotion and minimization of image information, reality is interpreted and the image gets a painterly magical touch.


Ben de Biel

is one of Berlin’s living legends, he was among others founder and operator of Club Maria and Eimer in the early wild 90s. He has lived and extensively documented the spectacular metamorphosis of East Berlin’s creative scene since the fall of the Wall. He has captured the spirit of the capital’s peaceful, creative anarchism in the 90’s like no other.


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